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The length and strength of shield cable aluminum foil are important

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2020-02-23 16:52

Shield cable aluminum foil alloy

The shield aluminum foil can protect the cable from corrosion and can also shield the signal from leaking. Shield cable aluminum foil alloy is 1235 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil.

Shield cable aluminum foil specifications

Cable aluminum foil temper is generally divided into two states of O and H18. The thickness of 8011 aluminum foil alloy is 0.1mm / 0.15mm or 0.2mm; the thickness of 1235 alloy is 0.025-0.05mm and the width is 500mm. The length is required. It is commonly used in China It is 2050m or 3050mm, and the outlet is basically 4000mm or more.

Shield cable quality requirements

1. The quality requirements of shield cable aluminum foil are mainly that the surface must be free of oil and aluminum ash. If the surface is coated with oil and aluminum ash, the effect of the film will be affected;

2. There must be no holes. Holes will cause broken bands during slitting, resulting in insufficient length and affecting equipment efficiency. Secondly, they must have high mechanical properties;

3. The length of the shield cable aluminum foil is allowed to be longer and not shorter.

4. In terms of mechanical properties, that is, strength, the communication cable industry does not set high standards for shield cable aluminum foil, but most customers require its strength to be greater than 70MPa or 80MPa.

shield cable aluminum foil

Application of shield cable aluminum foil

In the signal line, shield cable aluminum foil material is a widely used shielding material, which mainly plays the role of shielding, radiation protection, anti-static and so on. The thickness of aluminum foil has a great relationship with the shielding effect. Generally, it is difficult for interference sources below 1GHZ to penetrate aluminum foil with a thickness of more than 38u. Of course, the shielding effect of aluminum foil is worse than that of winding. It's worse, but weaving and aluminum foil usually exist at the same time.

Where to buy high quality shield cable aluminum foil?

In general, the quality control of shield cable aluminum foil in the production process is a systematic project. Every process and every operator must be strictly audited. Each batch of raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory is also checked, accepted, and used. All need to go through quality inspection. Henan Mingtai insists on ensuring product quality, improving the yield rate, and strives to provide you with better products.

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