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15 micron medicinal foil Vietnam direct selling price

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2020-02-10 19:33

Medicine Foil Vietnam Introduction

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of pharmaceutical foil substrates. The 8011 medicine foil, 8021 medicine foil, and 8079 medicine foil produced by the company have undergone strict pinhole testing, degreasing process and shape control to ensure the production of medicine foil Vietnam. In the later adhesive compounding process, it can achieve ultra-high sealability and perfectly protect the quality of medicines. According to the practice of major pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers, Mingtai's medicine foil Vietnam fully meets production requirements and its performance far exceeds the national standard.

Medicine foil Vietnam classification

1. PTP medicinal aluminum foil: ptp medicinal aluminum foil is also called medicinal plate aluminum foil, capsule aluminum foil, mostly made of 8011 aluminum foil, used for tiling, with a thickness of 0.016-0.04mm;

2. Blister medicinal aluminum foil: Blister aluminum foil is also called cold-formed medicine foil, which is mostly made of 8021-O aluminum foil, which is used for high-end and tightly sealed moisture-proof and light-shielding pharmaceutical packaging, with a thickness of 0.04-0.065mm;

3. Tropical-type medicinal aluminum foil: Tropical-type aluminum foil, also known as aluminum-plastic aluminum, tropical-type blister packaging is equivalent to adding a layer of cold-pressed aluminum foil cover on the outside of thermoformed plastic blister and PTP aluminum foil. Mostly use 8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil, which is the highest-end packaging aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging;

4. Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical bottle caps: Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical bottle caps is also called aluminum foil for pharmaceutical cap materials. It is mostly made of 8011-H14 aluminum foil or 8011-H16 aluminum foil. 

medicine foil Vietnam

Medicine foil Vietnam price

The price of medicinal foil Vietnam is composed of two parts, aluminum ingot price and processing fee. Different alloys, uses, widths, thicknesses, and product prices are different. You can contact us through online chat or email. Send you detailed quotation information within the time, and look forward to your every inquiry!

Medicine foil Vietnam manufacturers

There are many aluminum foil manufacturers, and Mingtai Aluminum is one of them. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. specializes in producing aluminum coils for more than 20 years, has rich experience, mature technology, and produces medical foil Vietnam. It has a complete range of types, affordable prices, and excellent service, which is a better choice for users.

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