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Mingtai Aluminum guarantees the supply of medicinal aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2020-02-08 15:32

During the Spring Festival of 2020, the epidemic situation of new coronavirus infection pneumonia in Wuhan and other places is fierce, and the situation is becoming increasingly serious, affecting the hearts of hundreds of millions of people. As a result, all nations have joined the fight against the virus to fight the epidemic. It goes without saying that medicine is an important material for the current fight against the epidemic.

Pharmaceutical packaging medicinal aluminum foil

Medicinal aluminum foil is the main product of Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum foil products, and it is also the raw material for pharmaceutical packaging. This product has also indirectly become an important material to fight the epidemic. At one time, many customers of medicinal aluminum foil products from various places called us by letter, asking the company to guarantee the supply of medicinal aluminum foil products.

Uninterrupted supply of medicinal aluminum foil

The epidemic was an order. Mingtai Aluminum responded immediately. An internal epidemic prevention and control team was set up to strengthen internal epidemic prevention and go all out to provide more material support and assistance for the epidemic prevention and control. The company's employees gave up the Spring Festival holiday, which ensured the orderly operation of production and operation, and ensured the timely supply of medicinal aluminum foil.

While fully guaranteeing the supply of materials and medical aluminum foil, the company also donated RMB 1 million to the local Red Cross Society of Gongyi City for the prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of new coronavirus infection, and contributed to the protection of national health.

Mingtai Aluminum

Types of medicinal aluminum foil

Different aluminum foil raw material alloys are used on small medicinal aluminum foil packaging. The raw materials of medicinal aluminum foil are 8079 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, 1060 aluminum foil gasket, etc.

8011-H18 aluminum foil is a rigid PTP aluminum foil used in pharmaceutical packaging. It is the most widely used cover aluminum foil. Its basic structure is a protective cover, aluminum foil substrate, heat seal layer, adhesive and other composite materials. The hood has very good air tightness.

medicinal aluminum foil

Medicinal aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer. The 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, and 8079 aluminum foil produced by the company have undergone strict pinhole testing, degreasing processes and shape control to ensure the adhesive bonding of the produced aluminum foil in the later stage In the process, it can achieve ultra-high sealability and perfectly protect the quality of medicines. According to the practice of major pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers, Mingtai medicinal aluminum foil fully meets production requirements and its performance far exceeds the national standard.

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