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Honeycomb foil has a wide range of applications

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2020-02-07 18:28

Honeycomb foil is widely used in the market at present, mainly used in: household appliances, lighting industry, transportation industry, such as trains, subway trains and ships' carriages, train doors and other decorative materials. It has completely non-toxic green quality. It has an irreplaceable and powerful role in industry, manual textile industry, furniture and home furnishing industry. The application range of honeycomb foil can be said to be quite large.

Honeycomb foil and metal honeycomb

Metal honeycomb is a new type of composite material with a metal skeleton and honeycomb pores. It is named because it contains many honeycomb through holes. The aluminum honeycomb core is bonded by multiple layers of aluminum foil (honeycomb foil), laminated, and then stretched to expand into a regular honeycomb shape. Due to the special structure of the aluminum honeycomb core, its divided closed cells restrict the curtain wall synthesized by it. The flow of air in the board greatly limits the transmission of heat and sound waves. It has good thermal insulation, sound insulation, electrical conductivity, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, energy absorption and shock absorption, and thermal insulation effects.

honeycomb foil

Honeycomb foil is the raw material of honeycomb core

The function of the honeycomb foil to make the core material is to transfer the shear force from the skin layer to the inner layer, so that the two skin layers can be stable under static and dynamic loads, and absorb impact energy to provide anti-destructive performance. Therefore, aluminum honeycomb has the advantages of higher compression modulus, shear strength, and lighter weight. Aluminum honeycomb has a lower density, generally 20kg / m3 ~ 150kg / m3, and high mechanical properties, so it can be used as an aircraft and high speed. Sandwich materials used in trains.

Honeycomb foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum

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