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3004 aluminum foil container foil price

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2020-01-02 16:53

About 3004 aluminum foil

3004 aluminum foil has high hardness and good load bearing, and the stamping effect is better than 3003 aluminum foil. Can produce thickness range 0.010-0.3mm, width range 100-1500mm. 3004 aluminum foil can be used for lunch box materials, food grade aluminum foil, container foil, etc. The product is safe and hygienic.

3004 aluminum foil manufacturer

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is an aluminum foil manufacturer with high praise and recognition in the domestic market. Its strength and scale are large. Here are its advantages

1. For 3004 aluminum foil, Mingtai Aluminum has rich processing experience. It is very reasonable in designing the user's needs, can be customized according to demand, and has strict requirements on product quality. Each process is strictly controlled and the technology level is high.

2. We have a very professional after-sales team, with prompt response and short delivery time. Therefore, it has been well received by new and old customers for many years;

3. At present, Mingtai Aluminum 3004 aluminum foil is not only popular in China, but also has good sales volume in Europe, America, India, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions.

3004 aluminum foil

3004 aluminum foil price

With the rapid development of the times, the technical level has also been greatly improved. Mingtai Aluminum keeps pace with the development of the times, keeps pace with user needs, and continues to innovate and improve. It has also improved product quality and technology. At the same time, , 3004 aluminum foil prices have also been subject to various fluctuations.

Relying on decades of rich experience and economic strength, Mingtai Aluminum has made a very reasonable preferential policy from the price aspect. Compared with other manufacturers in the market, the price of the product after the discount is more economical and reasonable.

Our factory customizes products according to customer needs, so if any of the factors such as the specifications, thickness, width, and temper of the 3004 aluminum foil are different, the price is also high and low, and we cannot provide users with a unified answer. For specific price details, please click the online consultation. We will have a professional technician to give you a more detailed and preferential quotation based on your use needs and thickness and width requirements. Or you can email us. We will give you a satisfactory reply as soon as possible.

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