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Container foil price of 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-12-13 17:23

Environmentally friendly container foil

Mingtai Aluminum produces environmentally friendly and food grade aluminum foil materials, including container foils for lunch boxes. Aluminum foil lunch boxes are the current trend of environmental protection, which is of great help to reduce white pollution, and the market demand for container foil, which is one of the raw materials of aluminum foil lunch boxes, is also increasing year by year.

Container foil alloy

The container foil alloy is generally 8011 aluminum foil. 8011 aluminum foil is our company's strong selling product. Mingtai Aluminum can process 0.016-0.5mm thickness 8011 aluminum foil. In addition to container foil, 8011 aluminum foil can also be used as medical grade aluminum foil, cable aluminum foil, lidding aluminum foil, heat sealing aluminum foil and other fields.

What are the advantages of container foil?

1. The surface is clean, free from oil, bright lines and other inclusions, and the product elongation is high.

2. Easy stamping and forming, convenient sealing, and ensuring food safety.

3, strong barrier properties, conducive to food preservation and extend the shelf life.

4. It can be recycled and reused to reduce the white waste of catering.

container foil

Container foil price

This is one of the issues that users are more concerned about besides product quality. The price of the container foil (8011 aluminum foil) is determined by the closing average price of the Yangtze River spot A00 aluminum ingot on the day of shipment and the processing fee of the manufacturer. Because each customer needs different product specifications and requirements, manufacturers' quotes are different.

Container foil manufacturer Henan Mingtai

As a professional aluminum foil manufacturer, Mingtai Aluminum has undergone a number of tests on bacteria, mold and other container foils, and the heavy metals do not exceed 0.25 parts per million. In addition, it strictly implements industry standards and reaches food-grade aluminum foil standards.

Mingtai Aluminum has a modern large-scale factory building and a professional technical team that strictly screens raw materials and controls the production process to ensure the quality of each product. Mingtai can recommend the most suitable product models and specifications according to user needs, and quickly calculate the price.

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