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What alloy is commonly used in electronic label foil?

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Electronic label and electronic label foil

Electronic tags are also called radio frequency tags, transponders, and data carriers; readers are also called readout devices, scanners, read heads, communicators, and readers (depending on whether the electronic tags can wirelessly rewrite data). The electronic tag and the reader realize the spatial (non-contact) coupling of the radio frequency signal through the coupling element; in the coupling channel, according to the timing relationship, the energy transfer and data exchange are realized.

As a data carrier, electronic tags can play the role of identification, item tracking, and information collection. In foreign countries, electronic tags have been applied in a wide range of fields.

The metal part of the electronic label is aluminum foil, which is also the electronic label foil. It is a composite of aluminum foil on a plastic film, printing a pattern, and etching away the rest. Due to its unique process characteristics, the basic requirements for aluminum foil are high purity, no major metallurgical defects, high surface cleanliness, flatness, thorough degreasing, and no marks or pits.

Electronic label foil alloy

Electronic label foil is generally 1060 aluminum foil, O temper. There are also 1235 aluminum foil, but they are used less often. Electronic label foil commonly used thickness 0.016/0.03/0.05/0.055/0.075/0.08mm, commonly used width 310/350/620mm.

electronic label foil

Quality requirements for electronic label foil

1. It is necessary to ensure the flatness of the foil label of the electronic label, and A-level brushing.

2. The dark side is allowed to have a small amount of bright crystals, the layout, no scratches, bumps and bumps, can not appear through rolling.

3. The thickness of the finished product is controlled within ± 4%.

4. The width must be guaranteed + 1-0.

5. Cutting edge quality, the end face must be cut, burr, tower, channeling layer, lotus leaf edge, flanging.

Electronic label foil price

1. Product specifications. This needs to know the thickness and width you need, but generally the same length and width of aluminum foil, the thinner the thickness will be more expensive.

2. Production costs. Capital investment in the production of electronic label foil by aluminum foil manufacturers also directly affects product prices. Such as the quality of aluminum ingots of 1060 aluminum foil, whether the production process is advanced, the level of technical content, various human and material inputs, etc.

3. Aluminum ingot prices fluctuated in the aluminum foil market. For the price of electronic labels, the price of aluminum ingots occupies a certain proportion, and the price of aluminum ingots in the market is unpredictable, so the price of 1060 electronic label foils will also vary.

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