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8021 aluminum foil common specifications and uses

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-12-11 17:27

Introduction of 8021 aluminum foil

8021 aluminum foil is one of the 8 series aluminum foil products. The thickness range is 0.018mm-0.2mm. The width can be controlled between 100-1650mm according to customer requirements. The 8021 aluminum foil has good deep drawing performance, good resistance to electrolyte corrosion, and heat seal strength. Great quality, it is an excellent material for battery soft pack aluminum foil.

The relationship between 8021 aluminum foil and soft pack battery

Soft pack battery is made of plain aluminum foil (8021 aluminum foil), plastic film and special glue. It is called aluminum plastic film. Then the surface of plain aluminum foil (1235 aluminum foil / 1060 aluminum foil) is coated with lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate Materials, to make a soft-packed battery core, put the finished core in the finished aluminum plastic film, to make batteries for electronic products commonly used by everyone today, to replace more lead-acid batteries is what everyone said lithium battery.

Mainly used in electronic products, laptop batteries, LED lights, flashlights and other products.

8021 aluminum foil

Advantages of 8021 aluminum foil for soft pack battery

8021 aluminum foil material has good performance extensibility, and the commonly used thickness is 0.04mm. It has the following advantages in soft pack batteries:

1. High energy density. The general 18650 battery capacity can be about 2200mAh, so the energy density is about 500Wh / L, and the energy density of polymer batteries can be close to 600Wh / L at the current stage of mass production.

2. Good safety. Polymer batteries do not have this problem. Even in extreme cases, because of the low strength of the packaging film, as long as the air pressure is slightly higher, it will rupture without explosion, and the worst case is combustion.

3, can be designed according to customer needs.

8021 aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum

Mingtai Aluminum used ANDRITZ plate rolls in the production of 8021 battery soft pack foil, which provided a guarantee for good plate shape. The surface of the products produced was more uniform and flat, and the shape was flat; in addition, Honeywell The thickness gauge guarantees precise control of the thickness of the outlet, enhances the surface tension of the 8021 aluminum foil, and is not less than 32 dyne under the test of a dyne pen. Secondly, select aluminum foil blanks, strictly control the quality of the blanks, the amount of non-metal slag inclusions and the grain size, and ensure product quality from raw materials.

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