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China lidding aluminum foil latest price per ton

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-12-06 11:08

Uses of lidding aluminum foil

Lidding aluminum foil is mainly used for food and medicine sealed packaging. It is used for food, mainly compound packaging with pet. After printing or painting, it is used for packaging of dairy products such as fresh milk and yogurt. It is used for pharmaceutical packaging, mainly ptp packaging. .

PTP aluminum foil has the properties of high barrier, heat-sealable, printable, and easy to puncture, and has good barrier properties against oxygen, water and light.

Lidding aluminum foil alloy

Lidding aluminum foil alloy is generally 8011 aluminum foil. 8011 aluminum foil is our company's advantage product. The product is food grade aluminum foil, the product is flat, the surface is clean, no oil stains, no black wire bright lines and foreign matter inclusions. foil and other packaging fields. Mingtai Aluminum can be customized according to customer needs. Mingtai has a strong production capacity, with an annual production capacity of 770,000 tons of aluminum plate, strip and foil, and has long-term supply for many domestic and foreign enterprises.

Introduction of lidding aluminum foil

Alloy: 8011 aluminum alloy

Temper: 0

Thickness: 0.025mm—0.05 mm (single-sided light or double-sided light)

Width: 300—1600 mm

lidding aluminum foil

Appearance quality of lidding aluminum foil

The surface of lidding aluminum foil is smooth and has no trace, good brightness, and flat shape. The cross section of the aluminum foil is neat and clean, and there are no defects such as pinch edges, split edges, hinge edges, tower shapes, loosely rolled bars, bumps and other injuries.

Qualified lidding aluminum foil standard

1. There is no oil stickiness, foaming, yellow oil spots and tears formed on the surface of the aluminum foil after annealing;

2. There are no bright spots on the surface of the aluminum foil, plaques, grinding wheels and clean black lines;

3. The surface of the aluminum foil is clean, without cracks, wrinkles, scratches, rubber roller printing, twill, etc .;

4. Flat surface finish of aluminum foil

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