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1235 aluminum alloy tape foil commonly used specifications

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Mingtai 1235 aluminum alloy

Mingtai Aluminum Foil is one of the company's core competitiveness products. Aluminum foil production standards are high, and not all manufacturers can meet their process standards. Therefore, some large companies such as Mingtai occupy the dominant position in the market. Mingtai Aluminum Tape 1060 aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil and 8011 aluminum foil.

The differences between aluminum foil tape and 1235 aluminum alloy

1. Aluminum foil tape is a finished product, which can be used directly after the subsequent compounding and gluing process; tape foil such as 1235 aluminum alloy is one of the raw materials for making aluminum foil tape, which is a semi-finished product and can be used after processing.

2. Aluminum foil tapes are mostly sold in small rolls / finished products and can be purchased in stores or hardware stores. Tape foils such as 1235 aluminum alloy are large rolls and sold by ton. Most of them are wholesale businesses, which need to be customized by aluminum foil manufacturers or metal materials Buy from a dealer.

Structure of aluminum foil tape made of 1235 aluminum alloy:

1. Use high-quality aluminum foil (1235 aluminum alloy) to apply acrylic glue, and roll-shaped tape compounded with anti-adhesive paper, which has strong adhesion, good temperature resistance and not easy to age. It is used to fix the evaporation tube of refrigeration equipment such as air conditioners and freezers.

2. With the combination of glass wool pads, it is used for heat insulation of automobile insulation pads.
1235 aluminum foil

Tape foil 1235 aluminum alloy uses

1235 aluminum alloy has good colorability, high light and heat reflectivity, heat insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation and other characteristics. 1235 aluminum alloy tape foil is used in refrigerator, air conditioning, automotive, petrochemical, bridge, electronics and other industries.

Mingtai Aluminum 1235 aluminum alloy, 8011 aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale tape foil manufacturer. The 1235 aluminum alloy and 8011 aluminum foil produced by the company are the source of aluminum foil raw materials for various aluminum foil tape factories at home and abroad.

The tape foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has multiple advantages such as clean degreasing, fewer pinholes, good product shape, non-deformation in cutting, and easy to peel off.

Henan Mingtai is one of the top ten aluminum foil suppliers in China. It can take orders for 3-2000 tons of tape foil, with stable product quality, global exports, affordable prices, and can be assured to purchase!

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