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How to choose food grade aluminum foil manufacturers?

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-11-25 11:26
Aluminum foil for packaging food grade aluminum foil
Aluminum foil is widely used in the packaging field, especially in the food packaging industry. It has outstanding advantages in barrier properties, moisture permeability, shading, hygiene and safety, recyclability and environmental protection. Food grade aluminum foil is a common material for green safe packaging, and the future prospects are bright.
Food grade aluminum foil is divided into different alloys
Food grade aluminum foil is divided into different alloys. The commonly used ones are 1060 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, etc. Aluminum foil bags made of food grade aluminum foil are widely used in the packaging of cooked food, instant noodles and various snacks. In addition, food grade aluminum foil can also be used as a variety of lunch boxes and containers, which is very popular among the take-away industry, which is convenient, safe and hygienic.
Mingtai Aluminum food grade aluminum foil real strength, with peace of mind
The food grade aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum has undergone strict pinhole detection, degreasing process and plate type control. The product safety and hygiene meets the food grade requirements, and has the advantages of clean surface, no oil stain, bright wire and other inclusions, and high elongation. It is a supplier of food grade aluminum foil raw materials at home and abroad.
Food-grade aluminum foil manufacturers identify Mingtai Aluminum
The aluminum foil used for food packaging is very important for the health and safety of consumers. Therefore, it is very important to choose food grade aluminum foil manufacturers. The selection of high quality food grade aluminum foil manufacturers should be considered in terms of scale, product quality and after-sales service.
Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer with more than 5,000 employees and an annual output of 770,000 tons of aluminum foil. It is a veritable manufacturer.
Mingtai Aluminum's food grade aluminum foil alloy is complete and various specifications. All along, product quality is the focus of Mingtai Aluminum, and strive to bring the best products to customers.
Mingtai Aluminum provides one-stop after-sales service. If you have any problems in the future, you can always consult us.
Aluminum foil manufacturers are highly competitive
The amount of aluminum foil used in the food packaging field in China is amazing every year, and the competition among different aluminum foil manufacturers is fierce. The large-scale and well-known aluminum foil manufacturers such as Mingtai Aluminum have the advantages of small enterprises, such as equipment strength, production process, annual production capacity, delivery time and after-sales service. The quality of food-grade aluminum foil is also more Guarantee.
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