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Wide use of 8011 aluminum alloy

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-11-19 16:11
Performance of 8011 aluminum alloy
8011 aluminum alloy adds elements such as aluminum, iron and silicon. More than 1% of the total alloying elements have a relatively high alloy performance. 8011 aluminum foil has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier ability, non-toxic and tasteless, and 8011aluminum alloy has excellent production process. It also has great advantages in food packaging and pharmaceutical packaging. 8011 aluminum foil is often used in some vacuum-packed solids. Drugs, etc.
8011 aluminum alloy for jumbo roll container
Due to the unique properties of 8011 aluminum alloy, it is not easy to oxidize to produce chemical reaction, and the surface is clean and uniform in color, so it is the best raw material for jumbo roll container. The plastic container has great harm to the human body. Nowadays, the universal use of 8011 aluminum alloy has also been applied to the jumbo roll container. The 8011 aluminum foil can be used as a jumbo roll container material, which is both hygienic and practical.
8011 aluminum alloy for cigarette
Cigarette packaging has three main functions: protection of products, anti-counterfeiting, decorative beautification and promotional products. 8011 aluminum alloy for cigarettes must first be protected from moisture, followed by ensuring that the aroma is not lost and that it is resistant to extrusion during transport. Therefore, cigarette packaging materials should be multi-layered in consideration of various factors, one of which is the aluminum foil 8011 used.
8011 aluminum alloy for fin stock
8011 aluminum alloy for fin stock is a classification of aluminum foil products. The so-called fin stock is aluminum foil for air conditioning. Common types of air conditioners using aluminum foil include household air conditioners, central air conditioners, automobile air conditioners, and computer room air conditioners. Because the fin stock has good thermal conductivity, easy deformation, processing, light weight, low price, no pollution, etc., it has become the first choice for air conditioning heat dissipation materials.
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