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3003-H22 aluminum foil for container

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-11-16 17:11
Environmental protection is related to container foil
Environmental protection is a topic that will not fall behind. With the increase of population, the development and utilization of resources, and the deterioration of the environment are serious every day, energy conservation and environmental protection are necessary. The use of aluminum foil in containers is related to people's health and environmental protection. In the past, the lunch boxes were made of plastic, which not only could not be recycled, but also aggravated white pollution. Now due to the extensive use of aluminum alloys, the performance advantages of container aluminum foils I went to the lunch box making.
3003-H22 aluminum foil for container
3003-H22 aluminum foil is used to make environmentally friendly lunch boxes. 3003-H22 aluminum foil is light in weight, the product meets national sanitary standards, and can be recycled. No toxic substances are produced during the treatment process, and it does not pollute renewable resources. It is often used in aviation food and cake food retailing. In terms of speed, the update speed is fast, the consumption is large, and it is suitable for mass sales, and the cost is low. The use of the lunch box is relatively wide, and the popularization surface is relatively wide.
3003-H22 aluminum foil for container advantages
Aluminum foil for containers, due to its outstanding barrier properties, can completely block gas and moisture under the premise of sufficient thickness of aluminum foil for the container, so aluminum foil is widely used in flexible packaging materials. As a commonly used barrier material, aluminum foil for containers has a series of advantages such as good airtightness and coating. Of course, it is required to be hygienic and beautiful for food packaging, and these advantages are all available in 3003-H22 aluminum foil, so aluminum foil It is a great advantage for making lunch boxes.
Environmentally friendly 3003-H22 aluminum foil lunch box
The biggest advantage of the aluminum foil lunch box is that it can be recycled and used to reduce pollution and save energy. According to the research, the recycling rate of aluminum is very high, the cycle can be regenerated up to 25 times, and the service life is up to two or three hundred years. In addition, the aluminum foil lunch box only takes two or three years to weather, and does not cause damage to the soil.
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