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Advantages of 8021 aluminum foil manufacturer 8021 aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-11-14 16:06
There are many applications for 8021 aluminum foil. Today, the 8021 aluminum foil manufacturer mainly talks about the advantages of 8021 aluminum foil for soft pack.
8021 aluminum foil manufacturer introduces the history of the development of aluminum for batteries
Most of the early-angle lithium-ion batteries used steel shells, which were mostly used in mobile phone batteries. Later, because of the high weight and low energy of the steel shells and poor safety, they were gradually replaced by aluminum shells and soft-package lithium-ion batteries.
8021 aluminum foil for soft pack is suitable
The aluminum foil used in the battery soft pack is 8021 aluminum foil, and the main processing methods of the 8021 aluminum foil manufacturer for the soft pack are: composite paper, plastic film embossing, printing, and the like. A typical thickness is 0.006 to 0.009 mm, and 8021 aluminum foil is suitable.
8021 aluminum foil manufacturer 8021 aluminum foil advantages
The battery soft pack aluminum is structurally packaged in aluminum plastic film. In the case of safety hazards, the soft pack battery will only explode at most, instead of exploding like a steel shell, the battery pack is used. Aluminum is 40% lighter than the same capacity steel-shell aluminum battery and 20% lighter than aluminum-shell battery. The 8021 aluminum foil industry is still relatively professional, and the soft-pack battery is 10-15% higher than the steel shell battery of the same size. It is 5 to 10% higher than the aluminum battery, which shows that the battery pack is a cost-effective application with 8021 aluminum foil.
8021 aluminum foil manufacturer battery aluminum future development
The soft pack battery has made a big improvement in power consumption. The internal resistance of the soft pack battery is smaller than that of the lithium battery. At present, the internal resistance of the domestic soft pack battery can be as low as 35 milliohms (one thousandth of an ohm). The battery's self-consumption is greatly reduced, and the shape of the soft pack battery can be customized according to the customer's needs. The new battery model is developed, and the 8021 aluminum foil will have a greater development in the soft pack battery production.
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