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1060 aluminum foil factory 1060 for automotive heat shield

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-11-05 16:21
Characteristics and application range of 1060 aluminum foil factory 1060 alloy
The 1060 alloy is formed by adding a small amount of copper to pure aluminum, and has excellent forming properties, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and electrical conductivity. 1060 aluminum foil factory introduction, 1060 alloy is widely used in products with low strength requirements, such as chemical equipment, sheet metal processing parts, deep drawing or spinning concave vessels, welding parts, heat exchangers, clock surface and disk surface, nameplate, kitchenware , decorations, reflective appliances, etc.
1060 aluminum foil factory introduction car insulation cover
The car heat shield is carefully built for the troubles of the majority of friends when driving. Keeping the temperature inside the cabin is always in the most comfortable range of the human body. It also prevents UV, IR and other harmful light sources from harming the car's interior. Energy saving and environmental protection, long-lasting and durable.
The material for making the automobile heat shield can be selected from 1050 aluminum foil 1060-O aluminum foil, and the 1060-O aluminum foil is the softest. The automobile heat shield is made with moisture, air, shading, abrasion resistance and protection. It is fragrant, non-toxic and tasteless, and because it has an elegant silver-white luster, it is easy to process beautiful patterns and patterns of various colors, so it is more popular.
1060 aluminum foil factory 1060-O aluminum foil advantages:
1, 1060-O aluminum foil O-state annealing, reaching the brush A grade.
2, strict control of the layout, the output of the foil is not black, scratched, bright lines, roller prints, etc.
3. All kinds of food grade aluminum foils produced have the advantages of non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, and high-temperature sterilization.
4. In the process of transportation and packaging, pay attention to moisture and moisture, and effectively avoid oxidation.
Mingtai 1060 aluminum foil factory advantages
Mingtai 1060 aluminum foil factory has strict control on the microstructure, performance, plate shape, thickness difference and surface quality of 1060 aluminum foil to ensure the excellent quality of finished products.
Mingtai 1060 aluminum foil factory is the top ten aluminum foil manufacturer in China. It can undertake orders of 3-2000 tons of 1060 aluminum foil raw materials. The quality of the products is stable, global export, affordable, and can be purchased with confidence!
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