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Mingtai Aluminum tape foil has excellent performance and many uses

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-10-31 14:25
According to Mingtai Aluminum, with the continuous development of production technology, the production capacity of aluminum foil is constantly improving. Different classifications of aluminum foil have different uses. For the purpose of taking tape foil, the use of aluminum foil has advanced by leaps and bounds because it has more than pure aluminum foil. More advantages can meet many requirements of use. Aluminum foil tape manufacturers are more stringent in their requirements.
Mingtai Aluminum introduces the characteristics and application of aluminum foil tape
The aluminum foil tape is made of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has good adhesion, strong adhesion and anti-aging effect. The insulation performance is greatly improved. The aluminum foil tape is matched with the joints of all aluminum foil composite materials, the sealing of the insulation nail puncture site and the repair of the damaged parts. It is the main raw and auxiliary material of the refrigerator and freezer production plant, and also the necessary raw material for the insulation material distribution department. This product is widely used in refrigerators, airborne, automotive, petrochemical, bridge, hotel, electronics and other industries.
Mingtai Aluminum Industry summarizes for you, aluminum foil tape is suitable for all kinds of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, PDPs, LED displays, notebook computers, copiers and other electronic products where electromagnetic shielding is required.
Mingtai Aluminum introduces the role of aluminum foil tape
Mingtai Aluminum introduces the function of aluminum foil tape to eliminate electromagnetic (EMI) interference, to isolate electromagnetic waves from harming the human body, and to avoid the need for voltage and current to affect the function. In addition, it has a good effect on static discharge after grounding.
Mingtai Aluminum - Alloy for tape foil
Tape foil for aluminum foil tape, generally using 1235-O aluminum foil and 8011-O aluminum foil. 1235 aluminum foil is a series of pure aluminum with an aluminum content of not less than 99.35%, so it is characterized by softness and easy processing. It also has excellent rust prevention properties, formability, and solubility. 8011 aluminum foil belongs to the 8-series alloy, which is added with Al-Fe-Si element. The alloy properties of more than 1% of the total alloying elements have corresponding advantages.
As a 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience, Mingtai Aluminum can be said that these two products are already mature products. It is worth noting that Mingtai Aluminum has more than 10 years of export experience and its products are exported. South Korea, Canada, Australia, Brazil and more than 60 countries and regions. Therefore, if you are interested in tape foil or have tape foil requirements, please feel free to contact us, 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum is ready to answer and serve you wholeheartedly.
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