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Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum Cable Aluminum Foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-10-29 17:09
Aluminum foil is a very important product in the development of the national economy and people's daily life. It has a wide range of applications in the fields of packaging, electrical and construction. It is one of the aluminum products with many production processes and difficult processing techniques.
Mingtai Aluminum Industry Introduction Cable Foil
The cable foil is an aluminum or plastic composite foil which is formed by applying a film on one or both sides by using the sealing property and the shielding property of the aluminum foil, and is used as a shield for the cable. In general, the overall quality requirements of the foil foil for the aluminum foil material are not very high, only the surface with less oil, no holes can be. Because the surface quality of aluminum foil is the main factor affecting the peel strength, the main surface quality problems are oil spots, corrosion, peroxidation and the like.
However, cable foils have higher requirements on length and mechanical properties. The main aluminum foil produced by the cable foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum is: 1070 aluminum foil, 1100 aluminum foil.
What are the advantages of Mingtai Aluminum Cable Foil?
1. Definition of aluminum alloy cable
The aluminum alloy cable is made of cable foil and is made by special pressing process and annealing process.
2, The difference between alloy cable and ordinary cable
Alloy cables use aluminum alloy conductors, while ordinary cables use copper or pure aluminum as cable conductors.
3. Why promote the use of alloy cables
The replacement of copper cables with aluminum alloy cables can reduce cable weight, reduce installation costs, reduce equipment and cable wear, and make installation easier.
4. Advantages of alloy cables compared to ordinary cables:
Conductive properties: The conductivity of aluminum alloy is 61.5% of the most commonly used reference material copper IACS, and the current carrying capacity is 79% of copper, which is better than pure aluminum standard.

Cable foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum
Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum company specializing in R&D, production and sales of aluminum foil and foil. It was launched in 2011. The company has developed more than 20 years of history, with rich production experience, with an annual output of 770,000 tons; advanced machinery and equipment, recently introduced a six-roll cold rolling mill, the production efficiency has been greatly improved; Mingtai Aluminum has always insisted on innovation as the leading and positive After the development of new aluminum processing, after decades of tempering and accumulation, Mingtai Aluminum has grown rapidly and is now a well-known enterprise in the aluminum processing industry.
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