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Mingtai Aluminum introduces those advantages of aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-10-28 15:35
According to Mingtai Aluminum, aluminum foil has a clean, hygienic and shiny appearance. It can be integrated with many other packaging materials, and the surface of aluminum foil is better than other materials.
In addition, aluminum foil has the following several features:
1. The surface of the aluminum foil is extremely clean and hygienic, and no bacteria or microorganisms can grow on its surface.
2. Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material that can be in direct contact with food without any concern that can endanger human health.
3, aluminum foil is a tasteless and odorless packaging material, will not be the packaged food has any odor.
4. If the aluminum foil itself is not volatile, it will never dry or shrink when it is packaged.
5. There is no oil penetration in the aluminum foil at high temperature or low temperature.
6. Aluminum foil is an opaque packaging material, so it is a good packaging material for products irradiated by sunlight, such as margarine.
7. Aluminum foil has good plasticity, so it can be used to package products of various shapes. It can also be used to create containers of various shapes.
8. The aluminum foil has a large hardness and a large tensile strength, but its tear strength is small, so it is easily torn.
9. The aluminum foil itself cannot be heated and sealed, and it must be coated with a heat-sensitive material such as pe to be heat-sealed.
10. Mingtai Aluminum reminds you that aluminum foil may have adverse reactions when it comes into contact with other heavy metals or heavy metals.

Aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum
Mingtai Aluminum can produce aluminum foil and foil products of various specifications, such as 1 series, 3 series, 5 series, 6 series, 7 series and 8 series. As a large aluminum foil  manufacturer and listed company specializing in the production of aluminum foil, Mingtai Aluminum has been committed to the research and development of new products and actively cultivates professional and technical personnel. Now Mingtai Aluminum has internationally advanced machinery and equipment and a large number of professional and technical personnel, Mingtai Aluminum's products sell well at home and abroad, and the market recognition is extremely high.
Mingtai Aluminum does not forget to pay attention to product quality. The aluminum foil produced has excellent performance, smooth surface, no cracks, corrosion spots and traces of nitrate. It is well received by the market. In the future, we will continue to strictly control product quality, strive to enhance corporate brand influence, enhance customer satisfaction, and create more wealth for customers.
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