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Mingtai Aluminum 1235/1060/1070/1100 Aluminum Foil For Power Battery

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-10-24 17:21
Mingtai Aluminum Battery Materials
Mingtai Aluminum can produce 160 battery aluminum soft-bonded 1060 aluminum foil. According to the feedback from the sample users, the power battery made by our company's 1060-O aluminum foil is soft-connected. The single-piece aluminum foil can be completely cut at one time. Good, no burr, smooth surface, no oxidation, no delamination, firm welding, good electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation. At present, the soft connection of the power battery produced by our company is 1060-O alloy, and the narrowest width can reach 15mm.
In addition to new energy batteries, new energy lithium batteries are currently in research and development, Mingtai Aluminum has successfully developed products for power batteries, including power battery shell 3003 aluminum foil, battery core 1235/1060/ 1070/1100 aluminum foil.
Mingtai Aluminum introduces battery shell materials
Aluminum for battery casings is mainly used for mobile phone battery cases because of its application industry, so manufacturing standards are very high. Aluminum sheets mainly used for aluminum for battery casings include 3003 aluminum foil, 3005 aluminum coils, and aluminum foil.
The main products of Mingtai Aluminum Battery Shell are 3xxx series aluminum alloy sheets, which are used in mobile phone battery case end covers and battery industry. Mingtai Aluminum strictly controls the production process, provides standardized products, has low ear production rate and excellent performance, and is a supplier of many international first-class enterprises.
Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Foil For Battery Shell Performance Advantages
Mingtai Aluminum controls the production process and provides standardized products
The battery shell refers to a high-purity aluminum alloy product formed by hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, straightening and aluminum foil rolling. The production process is carried out in strict accordance with the standards set by the industry. At present, Mingtai Aluminum has passed the quality management system certification and established a strict quality standard system to ensure the excellent performance of the products.
Mingtai Aluminum products have low ear production rate and excellent performance
The product thickness of the battery shell material is 0.40-0.60mm, which has the advantages of low ear production rate, good deep drawing performance and welding performance. The alloy is added with a small amount of manganese to make the product high in strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and heat dissipation, fully meeting the standards required for the end of the battery case of mobile phones.
Mingtai Aluminum is a supplier of many international companies with high reputation
Mingtai Aluminum has long-term cooperation with many companies.
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