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Mingtai Aluminum 18 micron food packaging aluminum foil price per kg

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-10-17 16:43
Mingtai Aluminum - About Food Packaging Aluminum Foil
With the development of the economy, higher requirements have been put forward for green environmental protection. As a new type of packaging material that can be recycled and non-polluted, food packaging aluminum foil has occupied a place in food packaging in recent years and has been well received by countless users. Among a lot of food packaging aluminum foil manufacturers, Mingtai Aluminum is one of them, then what about the food packaging aluminum foil, what aluminum foil alloy is used, please see the specific analysis below.
Mingtai Aluminum - Advantages of food packaging aluminum foil:
1. the raw materials meet the requirements of national standards and do not contain six harmful metal elements, which are of good quality and safety.
2, high temperature resistant, with a soup or water inside the container, you can have an open flame or directly on the induction cooker.
3, the material is soft, easy to shape, to ensure that the food and the lunch box contact heating heating safety.
4, after the seal to protect the original taste of food to extend the shelf life of food, not easy to leak.
5, the resources are recycled above, more convenient, protect the environment and save resources.
6, the insulation is very good, the raw materials have good thermal conductivity and fast heat transfer.
Mingtai Aluminum - Disadvantages of food packaging aluminum foil:
1. In the take-out with soup, the sealing is not as good as the plastic lunch box.
2. The molded box with the thickness of the raw material is too thin, and the hardness is not good during the outer belt process, and it is easy to be deformed, resulting in leakage of food.
3. High raw material costs.
Mingtai Aluminum - About Food Packaging Aluminum Foil Alloy
Mingtai Aluminum Food Packaging Aluminum Foil is mainly based on 8 series alloys, mainly in O state, 8011 food packaging aluminum foil and 8021 packaging aluminum foil, and 3003 aluminum foil is used to make food lunch box aluminum foil.
Mingtai Aluminum Industry 8 Series Food Packaging Aluminum Foil Selling Point
As a professional manufacturer of aluminum foil, Mingtai Aluminum is perfecting in all aspects, comprehensively making products and serving customers, from the quality, price and after-sale service of the products. In the process of re-production of all ex-factory products, the quality inspection of layers is strictly required, and the production is strictly in accordance with the national standard to ensure the eligibility of the products. Mingtai arranged professional personnel to explain one-on-one, and timely solved the problems encountered for users after the sale.
For more information on packaging aluminum foil for food, please feel free to contact online customer service or send an email.
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