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8011 aluminum foil manufacturer 8011 aluminum foil for tea packaging

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-10-10 15:54
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer introduces tea
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer introduced that tea originated in China, China has a long history of tea, and tea has became an indispensable part of Chinese daily life. Tea is a kind of dry product, which is very easy to absorb moisture and moisture, and it has a strong change in moisture and odor, and the aroma is extremely volatile. When the tea is not properly stored, under the action of factors such as moisture, temperature and humidity, light and oxygen, it will cause adverse biochemical reactions and microbial activities, which will lead to changes in the quality of the tea. Therefore, what kind of container is used for storage? The packaging bag for tea came into being.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer t
ea packaging material
With the continuous development of China's tea market, the domestic demand has surged, the foreign market has also been opened, the production volume continues to increase, and the requirements for product grades are getting higher and higher. The demand for 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer' tea bags is also upgraded, using higher-grade packaging material will often improve the quality of the tea itself, tea can get better prices in the market.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer' tea bags
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer introduced, the common tea packaging is aluminum foil, Why?  Because it has a relatively good practicality, which can help the tea to effectively protect the fragrance, and can be printed on its surface, to do a variety of designs, so the application is quite extensive.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer tea bags features
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil packaging bags directly touch the tea, due to the lighter quality, higher cost performance, less damage, etc., the use of its packaging can effectively prevent tea from moisture, excellent characteristics also include maintaining the fragrance of tea, preventing odor contact to prevent gas interference, etc., and to print and color the aluminum foil package used, to avoid damage caused by ultraviolet rays.
Because aluminum foil packaging tea inside, must meet the food grade requirements, similar to aluminum foil bag food packaging mostly using 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer 8011 aluminum foil, O-temper annealing, aluminum foil version of the layout has high requirements, the version is flat, the wave height is less than 1mm The surface has no oil stains, pinholes, bright crystals, bumps, scratches, foreign objects wrinkles, etc., and the strength can reach 110Mpa.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum
Mingtai Aluminum is a well-known enterprise in the domestic aluminum foil aluminum processing industry. The 8011 food aluminum foil produced by the company is in full compliance with the requirements of aluminum foil packaging. Not only that, Mingtai Aluminum produces various specifications of aluminum foil, food grade aluminum foil, electronic foil, pharmaceutical foil, battery. Foil, etc., if you need, please consult.

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