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Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum 3 Series Aluminum Foil Products

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-10-09 15:56
What are the Mingtai Aluminum 3 Series aluminum foil products?
Mingtai Aluminum 3 series aluminum foil products are mainly 3003 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, 3005 aluminum foil, and other major alloy numbers. The products are mainly used in automobiles, building materials, containers, packaging, electronic appliances and so on.
Advantages and Capabilities of Mingtai Aluminum 3 Series Aluminum Foil
1. Zhuoshen foil rolling mill: advanced equipment to ensure good shape
The foil rolling mill introduced by Mingtai Aluminum was designed and installed by Yushen Co., Ltd., and the ANDRITZ plate-type roller was used to provide a guarantee for a good plate type. The mechanical use of full hydraulic control, with the high-precision pressure sensor and servo valve to achieve the roll gap, but also provides a good shape for the plate.
2, strict control of the processing system: high purity, complete specifications
Mingtai Aluminum introduces advanced equipment, masters core technology, and strictly controls the processing quality, texture, grain structure and composition of 3 series aluminum foil, and its product performance has reached the international advanced level.
3, vertical slitting machine: fast speed, high precision
Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum foil slitting machine was completed and put into production in October 2010. It was designed and installed by Liaoning Machinery Research Institute. The mechanical surface adopts hard-toothed gear transmission with high precision and good performance. The electrical aspect adopts profibus_dp, bus communication, fast signal transmission rate, low failure rate and strong anti-interference ability, which provides reliable guarantee for the equipment.
Four obvious advantages of Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Foil
Clean surface, hygienic and non-toxic, healthy green packaging materials;
Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Foil is non-toxic, tasteless, non-volatile, and does not react with any food;
Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Foil has high hardness, strong tension and excellent plasticity, and is suitable for packaging of any shape;
Mingtai Aluminum's aluminum foil has good shading effect, which can avoid sunlight and other light, and does not cause penetration at high temperature and low temperature.
Mingtai Aluminum's strength
Not only the 3 series aluminum foil products, the production of all products of Mingtai Aluminum Industry strictly controls the quality of the products, putting the quality of the products in the first place. As a domestic aluminum foil and foil leader, Mingtai Aluminum provides customers with a comprehensive quality assurance system, from aluminum ingots purchased from raw materials to layer inspection in production, to quality inspection before leaving the factory, providing customers with 360 degrees. Worry-free quality inspection packaging, to achieve one-stop worry-free procurement worldwide.

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