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Why the pharma aluminum foil is not clean, causing bubbles and burrs?

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-09-30 16:58
Use of pharma aluminum foil
pharma aluminum foil is used to package medicine tablets, capsules, pills, lozenges and small foods, and candy. The pharma aluminum foil has the characteristics of oxygen barrier, moisture proof, good sealing, convenient carrying and pollution prevention. The hard aluminum foil is used as the cover material, which is convenient for the consumer to take out the aluminum foil and take out the medicine. The non-peelable heat-sealing coating can be heat-sealed with various plastic substrates.
The main reason for pharma aluminum foil to produce oil spots:
The pharma aluminum foil rolling oil has a high distillate oil, or the rolling oil distillation range is not suitable; the aluminum foil rolling oil is infiltrated with mechanical oil; the annealing process is improper; the surface of the product during the rolling process is too large; the cutting tension is too large Causes the aluminum foil roll to be too tight.
Rolling oil and other oil stains remaining on the surface of the pharma aluminum foil, which are formed on the surface of the foil after annealing, are called oil spots.
The oil removal is mainly manifested on the surface of the 0 temper aluminum foil. After the pharma aluminum foil is annealed, it is detected by brushing water and does not reach the level specified by the brush test.
The pharma aluminum foil that requires brushing detection is mainly used for printing, compounding with other materials, etc., so the surface of the aluminum foil must be degreased and cleaned to the level specified in the brushing test.
The main reason for the uncleaning of pharma aluminum foil is that the surface of the aluminum box has too much oil; the slitting tension is too large; the annealing process is unreasonable.
The main reasons for the surface bubbles of pharma aluminum foil:
The annealing temperature is too high, the heating time is too long; the metal hydrogen content is high.
Irregular circular or strip-shaped cavity protrusions on the surface of the pharma aluminum foil; the raised edges are rounded, the two sides are asymmetrical, and the distribution is irregular.
The main reasons for burrs in pharma aluminum foil:
The cutting edge is not sharp when cutting; the cutting edge is not properly lubricated; the cutting edge clearance and the amount of overlap are not properly adjusted.
After shearing, hair-like thorns of varying sizes exist at the edges of the foil.
Aluminum foil for transformers is not allowed to burr, so be careful not to have aluminum foil burrs in production.

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