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Pharma aluminum foil manufacturers should put quality first

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-09-20 14:45
Pharma aluminum foil manufacturers emphasize that medicine is a special industry. The primary function of pharma aluminum foil is to ensure the safety of the drug during the validity period, and the proportion of the use of the national packaging materials is low, as long as attention is paid to recycling, it will not be environmentally friendly. Causes adverse effects. Therefore, renewable pharma aluminum foil technology is still the direction of pharmaceutical packaging technology development.
Pharmaceutical aluminum foil manufacturers announced the development status of pharma aluminum foil
In recent years, the scale production of pharmaceutical companies has become more and more obvious. The development trend of modern pharma aluminum foil is that large pharmaceutical factories have their own packaging enterprises. These large-scale pharmaceutical companies are similar in hardware to foreign pharmaceutical companies, but the software environment is not satisfactory.
Reasons for the status of pharma aluminum foil
The reason is that in addition to the imperfect regulations, technical standards and technical level, the pharma aluminum foil circulation system also has drawbacks. Most of the drugs are sold in hospital pharmacies, and only a small part of them are sold in pharmacies, which limits the direct competition of drugs, which restricts the development of pharma aluminum foil. In addition, some of the current tendering systems have damped the enthusiasm of pharma aluminum foil manufacturers, and the company is unable to exert its strength on pharma aluminum foils and maintains its old face for a long time.
Disadvantages of the pharma aluminum foil market
At present, due to the lack of packaging awareness of some domestic enterprises, the understanding of the connotation of pharma aluminum foil is not in place, and the role of pharmaceutical packaging is not enough. Most pharmaceutical companies choose whiteboard paper, which is relatively cheap, as a packaging material for pharmaceuticals, mainly for cost reduction. Many companies are generally reluctant to spend more on packaging. The common practice is to save the province. This is a big misconception of Chinese pharmaceutical companies.
Pharma aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum
Mingtai Aluminum, a pharma aluminum foil manufacturer, believes that with the gradual increase in consumer self-purchasing trends, the pharmaceutical industry is becoming more and more prosperous, and the pharma aluminum foil market is becoming more and more extensive. Today, as product homogenization becomes more and more obvious, pharmaceutical packaging pharma aluminum foil is becoming an effective way to distinguish its own products from other products. Pharmaceutical companies should change their misconceptions and put product quality: safety, environmental protection and health first.
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