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Exploring the development of domestic pharma aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-09-19 22:08
Pharmaceutical aluminum foil manufacturer introduces aluminum for packaging
Aluminum for packaging is a widely used field of aluminum foil in China. With the development of industry, it has greatly stimulated the consumption of aluminum for packaging. The development of low-carbon economy also has strong demand for high-performance aluminum foil. At present, China has developed into the third largest packaging country after the United States and Japan. In the next few years, pharma aluminum foil manufacturers said that the growth rate of packaging aluminum will be greatly increased.
Pharma aluminum foil is a kind of aluminum foil for packaging
Among the aluminum foil for packaging, the current consumption of pharma aluminum foil is about 71,400 tons. The development of pharma aluminum foil will be faster than the development of pharmaceutical products manufacturing. Compared with developed countries, the proportion of packaging aluminum in the field of pharmaceutical packaging is estimated to increase by 2% per year. The demand growth rate of packaging will continue to increase this year. We will approximate it to the growth rate of pharma aluminum foil demand. The demand for pharma aluminum foil will still increase this year.
Mingtai pharma aluminum foil
Pharma aluminum foil is the main product of aluminum foil for packaging. Mingtai Aluminum's pharma aluminum foil has good oxidation resistance. The surface of the pharma aluminum foil will form a dense oxide film, which can prevent the contact with oxygen and has good corrosion resistance, thus ensuring the medicine. Integrity. Therefore, pharma aluminum foil is currently widely used in pharmaceutical packaging products. Mingtai Aluminum's pharma aluminum foil has also won a broad market with superior performance.
Why use pharma aluminum foil
Another advantage of using aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging is that the drug particles are individually packaged and opened one without affecting other drugs, which ensures the drug's efficacy. The pharma aluminum foil can be widely used in the packaging of various medicine capsules, tablets and granules after being compounded, printed and coated.
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