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8011 aluminum foil manufacturer-about aluminum foil printing

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-09-19 14:10
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer - about aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer introduced, aluminum foil is a high-grade packaging material, can replace large areas of anodized aluminum bronzing, hot silver, printed products are magnificent, not only improve the grade of packaging goods, but also improve the display value of packaged goods, extensive Used in high-end goods trademarks and packaging.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer - characteristics of aluminum foil
The characteristics of 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil are:
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil has a metallic luster, good light protection, high reflectivity to heat and light, metallic luster and reflective ability can improve the brightness of printing color;
The aluminum foil has good insulation, strong protection, non-breathable body and water vapor, preventing the contents from moisture absorption and gasification, and is not easily damaged by bacteria and insects;
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer have good shape stability and are not affected by humidity changes.
Aluminum foil is easy to process, can be printed on aluminum foil, poor color, embossing, surface coating, sizing, etc.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer - the application of aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer, aluminum foil is widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging, 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer can package cooked food, multi-layer composite film is also used for biscuits, snacks, beverages and other small food packaging.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer - aluminum foil printing technology
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer found that in recent years, the application range of aluminum foil packaging has been continuously expanded. In addition to pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, health care product packaging, etc. have been applied, which has promoted the continuous improvement of aluminum foil printing technology in China. Now it has reached the opposite side of aluminum foil. Printable. 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer also found that not only can print a color of the product, but also can be printed into a multi-color variety of colorful text patterns, 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer aluminum foil surface coated into imitation gold foil and other colors are displayed in front of consumers, This kind of packaging makes people feel noble and gorgeous, and they can't put it down, which plays a good role in promoting and protecting products.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturer - aluminum foil is a high-grade printing material
In the current packaging substrate, the barrier property of aluminum foil is better. The aluminum foil of 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer is a high-grade printing and packaging material. In recent years, aluminum foil printing has become an important branch of the gravure printing industry. The application of aluminum foil in packaging is mainly used for trademarks and some high-grade food packaging such as beer top labels, chocolate packaging, etc. Compared with paper and plastic, aluminum foil is thin, brittle and easy to wrinkle in the printing process. There are often some problems.
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