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Why 8011 aluminum foil manufacturer Mingtai is better?

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-09-18 15:07
8011 aluminum foil manufacturers 8011 aluminum foil advantages
The 8011 aluminum foil produced by 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers in Henan Mingtai Aluminum has a clean surface, uniform color, no spots and flatness. At the same time, it also has excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier ability, strong mechanical properties, high anti-blasting performance and strong puncture and tear resistance. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic. The aluminum foil after compounding, printing and coating is widely used as a packaging material.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturers Henan Mingtai 8011 container aluminum foil features:
8011 aluminum foil is perfect aluminum foil container material, because aluminum has a variety of soft, environmentally friendly, renewable and so on. 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers for you to introduce in detail.
1, 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers have a variety of specifications 8011 aluminum foil, can be customized according to customer needs;
2, 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers are safe and hygienic, after high temperature sterilization;
3, aluminum foil lunch box is high quality and beautiful, light in weight;
4, 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers products are green and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled;
5, aluminum foil lunch box can be directly used for storage, packaging, barbecue / baking, molding, heating and freezing.
8011 aluminum foil manufacturers Mingtai Aluminum
8011 aluminum foil is the advantage product of 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers Mingtai Aluminum. 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers Mingtai Aluminum can process 8011 aluminum foil with thickness of 0.018-0.5mm. The aluminum foil is mainly used for pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, cable foil, milk cover material, Lidding foil and other fields. 8011 aluminum foil manufacturers Mingtai Aluminum can be customized according to customer needs. Mingtai has a strong production capacity, with an annual production capacity of 770,000 tons of aluminum foil and foil, which is a long-term supply for many domestic and foreign companies.
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