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PTP pharma aluminum foil-good helper of pharma packaging

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-09-06 17:12
PTP pharma aluminum foil is mainly because aluminum foil is non-toxic, odorless, light in weight, has excellent light-shielding property, and has high moisture resistance and barrier property, so it is one of the main forms of pharmaceutical packaging.
PTP pharma aluminum foil substrate can be divided into hard aluminum foil and soft aluminum foil. The former is mostly used for medicinal tablets and capsule blister packaging, while the latter is generally used as the outer packaging of powder granules and powders for composite flexible packaging.
With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the quality requirements for pharma aluminum foil are rapidly increasing. If the color of printing increases, the types of coloring are increased, and the surface quality requirements of pharma aluminum foil are getting higher and higher. With the increase of the speed of coating and coloring equipment, higher requirements are imposed on the mechanical properties of pharma aluminum foil.
PTP pharma aluminum foil generally adopts aluminum alloy substrate of 8011-H18 state, mainly has mechanical performance number, excellent pinhole property, roughness and glossiness superior to pure aluminum foil, which is favorable for printing and decoration.
The pharma aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum is non-toxic and tasteless, does not cause any harm to the human body, and has good electrical conductivity and shading performance, as well as high gas barrier, moisture resistance and taste retention, regardless of any Metallized films, or coated special films, cannot completely replace aluminum foil as a pharmaceutical packaging material.
The pharma aluminum foil not only has the above advantages, but also has a light weight, a certain strength, and good printability. The use of aluminum foil to make medicine blister packaging, patients take medicine, carrying is very convenient, so pharmaceutical companies will choose pharma aluminum foil as a packaging of medicines.
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