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Improvement measures for pharma aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-09-05 17:44
Improvement measures for pharma aluminum foil pressure pit
The control of pharma aluminum foil puddles is divided into two parts: the early stage equipment is used only in the later stage and the maintenance is used. In the early equipment manufacturing process, the oxidation-resistant stainless steel material was used, and a protective gas welding process such as argon arc welding was used, which may reduce the possibility of oxidation of the material surface and the welded portion in use in the future. Add a multi-layer stainless steel strainer to the duct during later use.
Improvement measures for pharma aluminum foil oil spots
During the cleaning and rinsing process of the pharma aluminum foil, an oil sump is installed on the top of the rinsing box outlet, and the oil droplets are led to both sides to eliminate the oil spot on the foil surface.
Improvement measures for pharma aluminum foil scratches
The causes of pharma aluminum foil scratches are mechanical structure, electrical control and process selection.
1 For each roller not synchronized, check if the synchronous toothed belt is tight and the bearing is lubricated in place;
2 Electrically adjust the motor parameters so that the individual drive rollers are out of sync, and the correction of the coil diameter error control mode selects simple tension control and speed control.
3 The process tension and speed settings should match the front and rear passes to select the most reasonable range.
Improvement measures for pharma aluminum foil wrinkles
For the poor type of material, the following measures have been taken: 1. Adding several sets of S-shaped U-shaped rollers on both sides of the unwinding and winding to correct the effect
2. Install the plate type adjustment roller on both sides of the unwinding and winding. Eliminate edge waves by adjusting the level and parallelism of the roller
3. Eliminate medium waves by increasing the rubber roller or other convexity.
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