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Effect of thickness on pharma aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-09-05 17:06
The first method is to carry out intermediate annealing (cold deformation processing rate of about 80%) when the pharma aluminum foil blank is 1.5 mm thick, and the second method is to carry out intermediate annealing of the pharma aluminum foil blank at a thickness of 2.5 mm (the cold deformation processing rate is about 65%). Due to the processing rate of the billet produced according to the second scheme, the activation energy required for recrystallization of the smaller metal is higher, and the recrystallization temperature is higher, and the strength is higher.
On the other hand, the 2.5 mm intermediate annealed pharma aluminum foil blank is processed to the same. According to the metallurgical theory, the storage energy retained in the dislocation form in the metal structure is the driving force for recrystallization during the annealing process, and during the recrystallization process. The nucleation rate increases as the amount of metal deformation increases. Therefore, the pharma aluminum foil obtained by rolling the 2.5 mm intermediate annealed pharma aluminum foil blank is deformed during annealing. The larger amount of storage accumulated in the form of dislocations can also increase the nucleation rate in the original pharma aluminum foil during recrystallization, which will greatly increase the finer grain structure of the pharma aluminum foil after annealing. Therefore, its strength and elongation are higher.
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