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our major considerations for pharma aluminum foil rolling

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-29 16:44
Precautions for pharma aluminum foil rolling operation
(1) The rolling reduction rate of the pharma aluminum foil rolling pass is generally about 50%, and the thickness of the finished pharma aluminum foil is 0.03 mm or less, and the finished rolling pass is generally double-rolled. The thickness of the finished pharma aluminum foil is less than 0.01mm and below in the double-rolling and its previous pass; more than 0.01mm. Not more than 0.03mm in the last cut; more than 0.03mm not cut, cut When trimming, the amount of trimming on each side is not more than 15mm.
(2) The width of the production should follow the principle of first rolling and narrowing, otherwise the surface gloss of the pharma aluminum foil is inconsistent.
(3) Each pass has different requirements on the roll surface. When rough rolling, the material is thick, the amount of rolling is large, and the amount of rolling oil is much higher. The oil temperature should be lower, and it can take away a lot of heat generated during rolling. In order to roll more oil, the surface of the roll should be roughened; the roll in the middle rolling is slightly thinner than the rough roll; the surface of the finishing roll is finer to obtain a better surface finished pharma aluminum foil.
(4) Finishing of pharma aluminum foil is carried out by thin oil film rolling. In order to obtain a thin oil film, it is mainly to increase the rolling oil temperature. Generally, the rough rolling oil temperature is 20-40 ° C, and the finishing oil is 40-60 ° C. Increasing the oil temperature can reduce the oil film and improve the surface quality of the pharma aluminum foil.
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