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About pharma aluminum foil oil spots-Mingtai Aluminum

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-28 16:06
Oil spots
Rolling oil and other oil stains remaining on the surface of the pharma aluminum foil, which are annealed and formed on the surface of the pharma aluminum foil to a different extent, are called oil spots.
The main reason for pharma aluminum foil to produce oil spots:
The aluminum foil rolling oil has a high cat height or the rolling oil distillation range is not suitable;
Infiltration of mechanical oil in aluminum foil rolling oil;
Improper annealing process;
The surface of the product in the rolling process is too large;
The slitting tension is too large, causing the pharma aluminum foil roll to be too tight.
How to prevent oil spots from pharma aluminum foil and how to solve the problem of oil removal
The degreasing of the pharma aluminum foil is mainly manifested on the surface of the O-state pharma aluminum foil. After the aluminum foil is annealed, it is detected by the brushing method, and the level specified by the brushing test is not reached.
The pharma aluminum foil that requires brush water detection is mainly used for printing and compounding with other materials. Therefore, the surface of the pharma aluminum foil must be degreased and cleaned to the level specified in the brushing test.
The main reason for the uncleaning of pharma aluminum foil is that the surface of the aluminum box has too much oil; the slitting tension is too large; the annealing process is unreasonable.

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