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How to use pharma aluminum foil gasket?

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-26 14:44
When using ptp pharma aluminum foil gaskets, you will be curious about how to use pharma aluminum foil gaskets. Here is a simple explanation.
1. According to the bottle cap and the bottle mouth to determine the size and size of the appropriate size, make a production mold for the bottle cap, so that the finished pharma aluminum foil sealing gasket can not fall off the film. There is more than enough sliding inside the bottle cap, so that it can be effortless when loading the film, and it is necessary to ensure that the pharma aluminum foil gasket can not be separated.
2. The pharma aluminum foil sealing and sealing operation can be carried out by adjusting the induction strength and sensing time of the sealing machine.
3. In terms of the sealing effect of the pharma aluminum foil gasket, it is first necessary to emphasize that the pharma aluminum foil gasket must be tightly fitted to the bottle mouth. The sealing effect can be determined after opening the cap after induction by the electromagnetic induction sealing machine. (The separation effect of the pharma aluminum foil gasket is clean, no paper scraps are left, and the pharma aluminum foil film is sealed with the bottle mouth).
In addition, in the sealing operation, care should be taken not to make the sealing machine too strong, and the sealing time is too long. The operator of this sealing should always observe whether the voltage is stable or not, and also pay attention to adjust the sealing time in time to avoid the sealing time is too long. Excessive strength will burn the pharma aluminum foil film and affect the sealing effect. If a single-piece electromagnetic induction pharma aluminum foil sealing gasket is used, it is relatively simple in operation. After sealing, as long as the pharma aluminum foil gasket can achieve sealing, the gasket is flat, and the printed pattern can be modified without wrinkles. Complete the operation.

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