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Detailed introduction of pharma aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-24 14:38
1. pharma aluminum foil classification
(in printed form)
Plain foil (no printing), printing foil (single-sided printing, double-sided printing, monochrome printing, two-color printing, multi-color printing), color foil (single-sided gold, double-sided gold, green background, various color background ), anti-counterfeiting (invisible text, pattern, face and face).
(by specification)
Depending on the width requirements of the user's packaging machine model. Generally divided into: 125mm, 130mm, 250mm. Available in 65mm-500mm.
2. The final product form of pharma aluminum foil: coil.
3. pharma aluminum foil application
pharma aluminum foil is used to package medicine tablets, capsules, pills, lozenges and small foods, and candy.
4. Structure and application of pharma aluminum foil
Protective layer (OP) / outer layer printed layer / aluminum foil substrate (AL) inner printed layer / adhesive (VC). Used in pharma aluminum foil medicine blister packaging.
5. pharma aluminum foil performance and characteristics
The pharma aluminum foil has the characteristics of oxygen barrier, moisture proof, good sealing, convenient carrying and pollution prevention. The hard aluminum foil is used as the cover material, which is convenient for the consumer to take out the aluminum foil and take out the medicine. The non-peelable heat-sealing coating can be heat-sealed with various plastic substrates.

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