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8011 pharma aluminum foil properties introduction

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-22 14:36
Aluminum foil is widely used in packaging materials for food, beverage, cigarette, pharmaceutical, photographic floor, household and daily necessities due to its excellent characteristics; electrolytic capacitor materials; thermal insulation materials for buildings, vehicles, ships, houses, etc.; Silver lines, wallpapers, and various decorative labels for stationery and light industrial products. Among the above various applications, the performance of the aluminum foil can be effectively exhibited as a packaging material. Let's talk about pharma aluminum foil today.
At present, health foods and pharmaceutical tablets and capsules are more and more common in pharma aluminum foil blister packaging. Aluminum-plastic blister is also called blister packaging, referred to as PTP. The aluminum foil used in the pharma aluminum foil blister packaging is a sealing material sealed on a medicinal plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid sheet, so it is also called a pharma aluminum foil covering material.
It is expected that the packaging for pharma aluminum foil blister materials will account for 60%~70% of the tablets and capsules of future pharmaceuticals. It is one of the most promising pharmaceutical packaging materials.
Mingtai Aluminum Pharmaceutical Aluminum Foil Products:
Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of PTP pharma aluminum foil raw materials. The 8011 pharma aluminum foil produced by the company has the advantages of high cup convex value, high heat sealing strength, no pinhole, good sealing, etc. It is a medical packaging enterprise at home and abroad. Supplier of pharmaceutical aluminum foil raw materials.
PTP pharma aluminum foil alloy: 8011-H18 aluminum foil, 8011-O state aluminum foil, etc., thickness 0.016-0.04mm. 

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