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Advantages and disadvantages of 3003 container aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-22 11:13
Nowadays, the living standards of Chinese people are gradually improving, environmental awareness is increasing, and healthy eating is slowly changing. Plastic lunch boxes are used instead of plastic and foam lunch boxes, as well as paper boxes.
Common specifications: thickness 0.03-0.2, alloy 3003/8011 mostly
Advantages of 3003 container aluminum foil:
1. The raw materials meet the requirements of national standards and do not contain six harmful metal elements, which are of good quality and safety.
2, 3003 container aluminum foil is resistant to high temperature, with a soup or water inside the container, can be heated in an open flame or directly on the induction cooker.
3, 3003 container aluminum foil material is soft, easy to shape, to ensure that the food and lunch box contact heating heating safety.
4. After sealing, the 3003 container aluminum foil can protect the original taste of the food and prolong the shelf life of the food, and it is not easy to leak.
5, the resource recycling, above, 3003 container aluminum foil is more convenient, to protect the environment and save resources.
6, 3003 container aluminum foil insulation is very good, raw materials have good thermal conductivity, heat transfer is fast.
3003 container aluminum foil disadvantage
1. In the take-out with soup, 3003 container aluminum foil is sealed without plastic lunch box.
2, the thickness of the 3003 container aluminum foil molded box, the hardness is not good in the process of the outer belt, easy to deform, resulting in food leakage.
3. High raw material costs.
Therefore, in China, the thickness of the material is changed or the composition of the material is changed to increase the strength of the material. Now, the upgrade sealing device is replaced to improve the sealing property of the material.
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