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Cold stamping forming pharma aluminum foil substrate type

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-21 14:14
Cold-formed pharmaceutical packaging structure: biaxially stretched nylon film BOPA, outer layer printed layer, aluminum foil substrate (AL), polyvinyl chloride PVC, inner printed layer, adhesive (VC), etc.
Cold-formed pharma aluminum foil overcomes the shortcomings of conventional medicinal pvc hard film and pp hard film in terms of moisture resistance, gas barrier, light protection, heat stability, etc. It is a kind of isolation of various gases and blocking light. The blister-type pharma aluminum foil for radiant medicine packaging can effectively extend the shelf life of the drug and can be used as a pharmaceutical packaging material in an extreme (high/low temperature) environment.
Cold stamping pharma aluminum foil substrate types and manufacturers recommend:
Cold formed pharma aluminum foil alloy: 8021-O state aluminum foil, 8079-O state aluminum foil, thickness 0.025-0.08mm;
Cold-formed pharma aluminum foil executable standards: national standard, American standard, European standard, Russian standard, Japanese standard, etc. Mingtai Aluminum is a manufacturer of cold-formed pharma aluminum foil raw materials. The company produces 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil, etc. It has the advantages of high cup convex value, high heat sealing strength, no small holes and good sealing. A supplier of cold-formed pharma aluminum foil raw materials for pharmaceutical packaging companies. Mingtai Aluminum is the top ten aluminum foil manufacturer in China. It can undertake orders of 3-2000 tons of aluminum foil raw materials. The quality of the products is stable, global export, affordable, and can be purchased with confidence.
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