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Special properties of PTP pharma aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-08 13:36
The blister package of the drug is also called PTP, and the materials used are mainly pharma aluminum foil, medicinal polyvinyl chloride (PVC), printing materials, protective agents, adhesives and the like. It is produced by placing the drug in a plastic-molded plastic chip pocket and pressing it with a sheet of gravure-printed aluminum foil coated with a protective agent and a binder.
The aluminum foil is produced by calendering using electrolytic aluminum having a purity of 99% or more. Aluminum has the advantages of abundant resources, low price, and easy processing. When used as a pharmaceutical packaging material, pharma aluminum foil is the only metal material in packaging materials.
The aluminum foil is non-toxic, odorless, has excellent electrical conductivity and light-shielding property, has high moisture resistance, gas barrier property and taste-keeping property, and can most effectively protect the packaged article; it is a package that has not been replaced so far. Materials, no matter which type of vapor-deposited metal film or coated special film, can not completely replace aluminum foil. In the field of modern packaging and decoration, almost all composite flexible packaging materials that require opacity or high barrier are made of aluminum foil as a barrier layer.
Since the aluminum foil has the above advantages, is light in weight, has a certain strength, and has good printability, various characters or patterns can be printed thereon. When made into a pharma aluminum foil blister package, it can be crushed with a little pressure, and the patient takes convenience and is convenient to carry. Therefore, the packaging form of pharma aluminum foil is widely used in the field of medical packaging, and is one of the main packaging trends today. The way to make pharma aluminum foil packaging is to apply aluminum foil on a special machine for printing and coating. In the production process, some quality problems have appeared. The site is summarized and discussed, and strict material testing methods and systems are needed to facilitate the development. Improve the quality of raw materials and products.
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