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Differences between fin stock hot and cast rolled billets

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-07-10 11:14
The hot-rolled billet is an ingot produced by a DC casting method which is hot-rolled into a strip of 2.0-10.0 mm, and then subjected to cold rolling and foil rolling. The ingot crystal structure is composed of an outer layer of chilled structure and an intermediate columnar shape. The crystal and the equiaxed crystal structure of the central part are composed, and the casting and rolling method has the characteristics of rapid solidification and directional crystallization. The crystal structure is composed only of the columnar crystal on the surface and the equiaxed crystal structure at the center.
Due to the rapid cooling characteristics of twin-roll casting, the inner grain of the cast strip is greatly refined, which promotes the formation of a stable phase and causes the Young's modulus of Mn, Fe aluminum rod, Cr and 7.r, etc. The supersaturation of the alloying elements has a smaller intermetallic compound particle size, which is only about 1/5 of that of the hot rolled billet, and the columnar crystals oriented by the cast strip tend to be elongated in the longitudinal direction of the parallel plate during the cold rolling process. After the cold rolling and annealing, the aluminum strip of the cast-rolling method is obviously lagging behind the re-crystallization process of the hot-rolled aluminum strip. The recrystallization end temperature is greatly increased, and the recrystallization temperature range is also significantly increased, which can be increased by 100 ° C. about.
The difference in organization results in the fin stock of the cast-rolled billet having higher strength and lower elongation than the hot-rolled billet under the same rolling and annealing conditions. At the same time, the cast billet also has relative Higher work hardening speed.
However, with the continuous advancement of aluminum processing technology and the development of new alloy materials, the fin stocks produced by the current casting and rolling method have been able to fully meet the performance requirements of various air-conditioning heat-dissipating fin forming processes, and the wings produced by the casting and rolling method. Sheet stock has become the mainstream product in the current fin stock market.
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