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Direct sale price of 8011-H22 H24 container aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-07-10 11:20
At present, China is a major producer and exporter of aluminum foil in the world. The quality of aluminum foil production and processing technology and equipment and products have reached the international advanced level. The packaging market is an important consumer market for aluminum foil, in which container aluminum foil is used more.
Aluminum foil containers made from container aluminum foil have their combined advantages:
1. Raw materials are non-toxic
The aluminum foil is made by rolling through a plurality of processes after the original aluminum alloy, and has no harmful substances such as heavy metals. In the aluminum foil production process, the high temperature annealing and disinfection process is adopted. Therefore, the container aluminum foil can be in contact with the food, and does not accommodate or help the bacteria to grow.
2. Convenient heating, no harmful substances after heating
The container foil has a high conductivity and can reduce the time and energy associated with food processing, refrigeration and secondary heating.
3. Easy to form, easy to seal and cover, to ensure food hygiene
The aluminum foil container can use the cover which is also made of aluminum foil material of the container, or the cover of paper or material, which is easy to be deformed and wrinkled, and has good sealing and heat preservation ability, and can avoid storage and transportation in food. Spoilage or contamination in the process significantly reduces food waste.
4, can be recycled and reused to protect the environment and save resources
Aluminum has a very high recovery rate and regenerability, can be recycled indefinitely, and has limited quality loss and can maintain its original characteristics. Recycled aluminum can be used to produce a wide variety of finished products. The energy required for the regeneration of aluminum foil is only 0.05 or less of the energy required for primary aluminum production, and the emission of greenhouse gases is 0.95 less than that of primary aluminum. The aluminum foil lunch box made of the container aluminum foil can be easily compressed and easily sorted, thereby reducing the amount of garbage generated.
As a brand of aluminum processing, Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces aluminum foil that meets national standards and wins customer satisfaction. At present, it can provide container aluminum foil 8011 alloy for food manufacturing enterprises, and the state has O, H22, H24. On the basis of the guaranteed version and the quality of the layout, black oil spots, bright lines, roller marks, small black wires and scratches are eliminated. Problems such as bumps, mosquitoes, etc. appear. We guarantee that the finished product thickness should be controlled within ±0.04. Relying on mature packaging technology, the perfect transportation system guarantees oxidation from the factory to the delivery of customers.
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