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The advantages of 8006 aluminum foil container foil manufact

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-07-10 10:47
The container foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum container foil manufacturer are widely used in aviation food, home cooking and large chain cake shops. Main uses: food cooking, baking, freezing, preservation, etc.
Specification range of aluminum foil: (0.015-0.2)*(100-1600)
Aluminum foil temper: O, H22, H24, etc.
Aluminum foil alloy: 8011, 8006, etc.
8006 aluminum foil is a special container foil product. Mingtai Aluminum 8006 aluminum foil adopts hot rolling method. The tensile strength is between 123-135. The 8006 aluminum foil product reaches the brushing water grade A. The plate shape is flat and the surface is clean and free of oil. Mingtai Aluminum 8006 aluminum foil is suitable for aerospace wrinkle-free containers. After stamping, the edges are free of wrinkles and the appearance is smooth and smooth.
The 8006 container aluminum foil has high strength and is hot rolled. The 3003 aluminum foil and the 8011 aluminum foil have low strength and are cast.
The elongation and cup convex value of 8006 aluminum foil are higher than 8011, 3003 container aluminum foil. The tensile strength of the 8006 container foil is 10 MPa higher than that of the 8011 aluminum foil, which is slightly lower than that of the 3003 aluminum foil.
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