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Mingtai supplies high quality PTP pharma aluminum foil

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-13 09:29
Pharma foil price decided by high quality
1.Mingtai pharma aluminum foil is one of the company's core competitiveness. The production standard of pharma foil is high, not all manufacturers can meet its process standards. Therefore, some large enterprises such as Mingtai occupy the dominant position in the market.
2, superior performance, for many large enterprises to supply all year round
Mingtai's 8011 and 8021 aluminum foil have enjoyed a good reputation in the market for many years, and shipments have steadily increased, ranking among the best in the domestic market. At the same time, Mingtai Aluminum is equipped with a strong logistics system to provide one-stop delivery service for customers.
Pharma foil price decided by foil production advantage
1. Advanced foil rolling: Introducing international high-quality equipment to improve the quality of aluminum foil and improve the yield
The use of ANDRITZ plate rolls guarantees a good form factor. Honeywell thickness gauges ensure precise control of exit thickness.
2, the surface color is uniform: no creases, no color difference, the end face is clean and clean
The use of ANDRITZ plate-type rolls improves the quality of Mingtai Aluminum's battery soft-coated foil, making the surface of the product more even and flat, and the version is flat; the introduction of Honeywell thickness gauge, surface tension, Dyne pen The test is not less than 32 dynes, and the aluminum foil roll is not more than ±1.0 mm.
3, 30 tons of annealing furnace: mature system, high production efficiency
Pharma  foil  price decided by other things
Furnace equipment includes box furnace body, air circulation system, flow guiding device, purging and exhausting system, bayonet heater, furnace door, furnace door lifting mechanism and pressing device, cooling water system and the like. The furnace has a higher working temperature of 650 ° C, temperature difference ≤ ± 5 ° C, metal annealing temperature of 120 ~ 580 ° C, metal insulation temperature ≤ ± 3 ° C at the end of the insulation, greatly enhance the product quality and improve the product technology.
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