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Pharma foil has strict requirements for pinhole and thicknes

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-13 13:19
The role of pharmaceutical packaging is to protect the drug from external environmental factors and protect the drug from being affected. At present, the widely used pharmaceutical packaging form in the world is blister packaging. The pharma aluminum foil is 8011 aluminum foil, 8021 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil, etc. It has the advantages of non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, impermeability, hygienic heat resistance, moisture resistance, etc. Damaged by light.
The quality of the pharma aluminum foil is closely related to the quality of the medicine and the health of the people. The safety of the medicine requires that the surface of the pharma aluminum foil must be clean, flat, non-damaged, free of fluorescent substances, non-toxic and tasteless, and has good moisture-proof, oxygen-blocking and light-shielding properties. In addition, the aluminum foil is required to have a small pinhole and a small thickness deviation.
Pharma aluminum foil has strict requirements on pinhole. The larger the pinhole of the aluminum foil, the stronger the penetrability, which may cause the medicines and health care products to be affected by oxygen, water vapor and light, so that the efficacy is lowered or deteriorated. Generally, the needle hole of a pharma aluminum foil is required to have a pinhole of not more than one/m2 having a diameter of 0.1 to 0.3 mm.
The pharma aluminum foil blister package is a sealing material sealed on a plastic rigid sheet, also called a lid material. The thickness of the aluminum foil will affect the safety of the drug. If the thickness of the aluminum foil exceeds the required deviation by 10%, it will affect the coating amount of the adhesive layer and the protective layer.
Pharma aluminum foil has high requirements on production methods, production conditions and technical equipment. Many small aluminum foil manufacturers cannot meet these production requirements. To purchase pharma aluminum foil, it is recommended to find large and powerful manufacturers.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale aluminum foil manufacturer in China. It specializes in supplying pharma aluminum foil raw materials and undertakes orders for 3-2000 tons of aluminum foil raw materials. The company's 8021 aluminum foil and 8079 aluminum foil have many advantages, and are suppliers of aluminum foil raw materials for various pharmaceutical packaging companies at home and abroad.
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