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Effect of Manganese Content on Performance of fin stock

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-08-13 11:11
Users using fin stock generally require fin stock to have mechanical properties suitable for deep drawing, high yield strength, elongation and cupping value for fin stock, and surface quality required to have a good shape. The hydrophilic foil also has strict requirements on the surface wettability of the fin stock, and generally requires a surface wettability class A standard.
Due to the huge potential of the fin stock market, there are more and more manufacturers engaged in the production of fin stocks. The competition in the fin stock market will become more and more fierce in the future. Therefore, as a manufacturer of fin stock production, Under the premise of satisfying performance and surface quality requirements of fin stock users, production costs should be minimized. By analyzing the manganese content in the incoming chemical composition, an optimal control range is determined, so that excellent performance can be obtained at a lower annealing temperature in the subsequent firing process, and the production cost can be reduced to some extent.
That is to say, the 8011 alloy is used to produce the fin stock, and the manganese content should be controlled below 0.55%, and the finished annealing temperature at 290 °C can meet the user's performance requirements. Manganese, as an important alloying element, can increase the recrystallization degree when it is present in the 8011 alloy, and at the same time increase the yield strength of the alloy.
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