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Mingtai 8011 bottle cap manufacturer aluminum alloy wholesal

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-06-13 10:54
8011 aluminum cap material has good sealing, easy opening, anti-counterfeiting, beautiful appearance, etc. As an important material for packaging, the demand is also constantly expanding.
8011 H18 bottle cap material is mainly applied to the stamping shallow cover, and can be cast and rolled. The process: cold rolling - foil rolling - straightening - slitting - packaging and other processes, does not require annealing, so in the production process, the time period is the shortest, of course, the price is also the cheapest.
The process of 8011 H16 bottle cap material is completed by cold rolling-foil rolling annealing thickness-annealing-foil rolling finished product-bending bending-cutting and cutting. After the finished product roll is produced, it is also cut and painted by the flattening machine. , drying, multiple stamping, anti-counterfeiting logo and other processes, and finally produce qualified cap materials. 8011 H16 medical bottle caps and wine caps are still slightly different in the production process, because the wine cap stretching requirements are higher than the drug caps, and there is a distinction in annealing.
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