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Aluminum alloy in the construction industry Mingtai Aluminum

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-06-03 15:52
At present, the application of alloy aluminum plates is very extensive, and the construction industry is one of the three major markets for aluminum sheets. So, what are the characteristics of general alloy aluminum plates?
In real life, the demand for alloy aluminum sheets in many large-scale projects is relatively large. About 20% of the total aluminum production in the world is used in the construction industry. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, we will also find the types of alloy aluminum sheets. There are many models and there are many product types. It mainly includes color aluminum plate, composite aluminum plate, composite door and window frame, aluminum alloy template and so on. Especially in the decoration of the house, many friends will choose the alloy aluminum plate material doors and windows, wall surface, etc. What are the characteristics of the alloy aluminum plate? This alloy aluminum plate is lighter in weight, and the aluminum plate is easy to process into various shapes, according to the customer's Different needs of production and processing, can adapt to a variety of connection processes.
Therefore, in many buildings, we will see the shape of the alloy aluminum plate, which not only saves the building materials, but also reduces the transportation and installation work of the components. The installation process is also simple and convenient, and the aluminum plate is beautiful and has good corrosion resistance. The reflectivity of light and heat is high, and the sound absorbing machine can be good. In civil buildings and large factories, alloy aluminum plates are used for interior and exterior decorative panels, ceilings, ceilings, railings, interior furniture, etc., which can be made into various complex profiles.
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