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Wide use of several common aluminum alloy Mingtai Aluminum

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-06-03 15:32
Aluminum alloy sheets are very common items, because aluminum sheets have many unexpected uses. What are the common aluminum sheets in life? Check out the common uses of aluminum alloy sheets today.
Pure aluminum plate 1060 plate, strip, foil, thick plate. It is mainly used in applications where corrosion resistance is required for high formability, but for parts with low strength, such as chemical equipment, marine equipment, railway tank cars, electrical conductor materials, instrument materials, welding rods, etc.
3003 aluminum plate, strip, foil, thick plate. Cold-worked, rivet wire, forgings, foils, heat sinks are mainly used for processing parts that require good formability, high corrosion resistance, or good solderability, or require both of these properties to be more than 1xxx high-strength alloy workpieces, such as tanks and tanks for transporting liquids, pressure tanks, storage devices, heat exchangers, chemical equipment, aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipelines, reflectors, kitchen equipment, washing machine cylinders, rivets, welding wire.
3004 plates, thick plates. As long as the extruded tube is used for the all-aluminum can body, it requires higher parts than the 3003 alloy, chemical production and storage devices, sheet metal processing parts, building baffles, cable ducts, sewers, and various lamp parts.
5052 sheet, thick plate, sheet, foil, cold-worked wire, rivet wire, this alloy has good molding processability, corrosion resistance, weldability, fatigue strength and medium static strength, used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, tubing, As well as transportation vehicles, ship sheet metal parts, instruments, street lamp brackets and rivet wires.
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