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Several factors that are susceptible to damage to aluminum t

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-29 14:18
The aluminum tread plate is widely used. Three ribs, five ribs and pointer type aluminum tread plates are common varieties. The aluminum tread plate can be seen in the fields of construction, transportation, decoration and refrigeration equipment. However, when the tread plate is inadvertently damaged, today it is said that the aluminum tread plate is susceptible to several factors.
1. During the transportation of the aluminum tread plate, the mutual friction between the materials will also be deformed.
2. In the process of production, the aluminum plate is dragged from the pendulum to cause scratches.
3. At work, the aluminum plate has some hard materials on the debris, and then it will cause some damage after contact with the aluminum tread plate.
4, the speed of the discharge process can not be too fast, too fast when the aluminum tread plate is sent to the swing bed will be bruised.
5. Before the aluminum tread plate is out of orbit, some debris appears on the track, or there is a hard object in the graphite strip, which will cause certain damage to the aluminum tread plate.
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