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The Application characteristics of Mingtai Aluminum plastic

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-29 13:43
The aluminum-plastic composite plate is a composite material which is processed on a special aluminum-plastic sheet production equipment by using a chemically-treated coated aluminum sheet as a surface material and a polyethylene plastic as a core material. What is the unique characteristics of the aluminum-plastic composite plate itself, so what is its use characteristics?
Aluminum-plastic plates are good materials that are easy to process and shape. It is an excellent product for efficiency and time. It can shorten the construction period and reduce costs. The aluminum-plastic plate can be cut, cut, slotted, band sawed, drilled, machined, or cold-bent, cold-folded, cold-rolled, riveted, screwed or glued.
1. Good weather resistance, high strength and easy maintenance.
2. Convenient construction and short construction period.
3, excellent processability, heat insulation, sound insulation and excellent fire performance.
4. Good plasticity, impact resistance, lightening the building load and good shock resistance.
5, good levelness, light and strong.
6, available for selection of more colors.
7, processing tools are simple, can be processed on site.
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