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Advantages of Mingtai Aluminum 8011 aluminum foil for making

Edit:Mingtai Date: 2019-05-29 10:37
The bottle cap is an important part of the packaging, and it is also the place where the consumer first comes into contact with the product. The safety and beauty of the bottle cap is very important. The aluminum bottle cap has the characteristics of maintaining the product's airtightness and stable quality, and also has the functions of anti-theft opening and safety. Therefore, the aluminum cap is widely used for aluminum for cosmetic caps, aluminum for cans, caps for wine, and aluminum for wine caps. The medical cap is made of aluminum or the like.
The use of Mingtai 8011 aluminum foil to make medicinal bottle cap material is safer and more beautiful, and people can use it with confidence.
Mingtai Aluminum Alloy Grade 8011 aluminum foil is mainly used for the manufacture of medicinal caps. It has excellent moisture resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and sanitary. The cap material of 5182 aluminum plate is mainly used on the cap of cans. The control is extremely precise, can guarantee thickness tolerance of ±0.005mm, has good strength, good corrosion resistance and good machinability. The surface finish is high to ensure stable processing in the later stage, it is not easy to be deformed during transportation, and the bottle can maintain beautiful appearance. satisfy customer's request.
The 8011H16 bottle cap is an important member of the hot-rolled aluminum anti-theft cover. Implement the GB/T3880 standard. Thickness range: 0.15-0.27mm, thickness tolerance ±0.005mm, width 330-1000mm, width tolerance ±1mm, tensile strength 150~165Mpa, elongation >2%, fine surface, no obvious roll pattern, no obvious black Line, oil spot, ash, scratch, bright strip and other defects, the ear rate is controlled within 3%, 8011H16 aluminum foil bottle cap material process has to undergo cold rolling - foil rolling annealing thickness - annealing - foil rolling finished product - stretch bending - After the completion of multiple processes such as slitting, after the finished product is produced, it must pass through the process of cutting, painting, drying, multiple stamping, anti-counterfeiting and other processes, and finally produce qualified cap materials. 8011 H16 medical bottle caps and wine caps are still slightly different in the production process, because the wine cap stretching requirements are higher than the drug caps, and there is a distinction in annealing.
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